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About Us

Norwegian Risk Consulting International – NRCI – is a geopolitical advisory firm founded in 2010. We provide advisory, analysis, speaking engagement services and weekly video series.

Our geographical areas include Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. We also host Norwegian Risk Forum which is an annual international conference examining geopolitical risks and international business opportunities.

Our Geopolitical Thinking

NRCI’s geopolitical thinking rests on a solid grasp of on-the-ground issues through a global network of partners and local contacts on the ground. This enables close contact with local communities, tribes and stake holders which provide an overview of infrastructure developments, business structures and security dynamic

Our Work Culture

NRCI’s respect for people and zero-tolerance against racism, harassment and bullying permeate our work culture and environment. We respect and support each other across all levels.

Our strong focus on feedback drives our creativity and innovative thinking about analysis, business development, technological innovation and personnel development. Our focused work environment drives our attention to detail while we simultaneously maintain a robust and overarching global perspective.

Our Clients

NRCI works with clients from all business sectors and industries, including corporate clients, investor groups, banks and financial firms, NGOs, foundations and government agencies. We interact closely with our clients to facilitate and support their operations in changing and unpredictable risk environments to minimize risk impact and create value. We take discrete and low-profile approaches in close consultation with our clients.

Our Business Areas


Geopolitical & Strategic Advisory

Foreign Investment Advisory

Trade, Logistics & Infrastructure Advisory

Speaking Engagements

Currently we provide our speaking engagements virtually

Executive Learning

Informative, transformational and eye-opening experiences


Tailor-made analysis

Monthly or weekly reports

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