Global Risk Database

What is Global Risk Database?

NRCI’s global risk database provides an interactive and dynamic risk analysis system enabling companies, financial institutions, organisations and government agencies to monitor, forecast and adapt to risks.

Secure successful investments

Acquiring information about a wide range of risks, companies increase their likelihood for successful investments around the world. Companies that constantly acquire information about risks to increase their awareness, competence and knowledge and challenge their own internal opinions with objective external analysis create a dynamic security culture.

Implement risk mitigating measures

Knowledge about risks and how they may impact your business operations and personnel enable your company to develop risk mitigating strategies providing support for travelling personnel, company staff on site and relevant departments internally at your company headquarter.

When risk analysis indicates a need to implement risk mitigating measures leadership teams must act quickly to respond to threats and security risks. NRCI’s Global Risk Database provides a comprehensive risk management system enabling your entire company to monitor, integrate and adapt to a constantly changing international risk environment.

Personnel security

Personnel security remains the most important responsibility for any company or organization operating internationally. Staff travelling to risk environments depends on travel risk and security risk information to maintain their awareness locally and communication with HQ internationally.

By using NRCI’s dynamic and integrated global risk database available on mobile platforms such as smart phones, tablets and lab tops, people on the move remain informed and enabling to make necessary decisions.

Security collaboration across organizations

NRCI’s global risk database provides a web-based and mobile integrated tool whereby executives, managers and personnel working with management, security, finance, HR and international business development can monitor, share and assess business critical risk information 24-hours a day worldwide and make decisions based on actionable and relevant risk analysis.

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