NRCI’s dynamic and focused analysis services strengthen clients’ knowledge of international markets and support their investment goals and operations.



We provide these monthly reports:

• Political Risk Analysis

• Security Risk Analysis

• Scenario Risk Analysis

• Travel Risk Advice

• Business Risk Analysis

• Regional Threats

Bespoke Analysis

We customize our analytical reports in close dialogue with our clients to their specific business goals.

Whether it is sector analysis, country analysis, security assessments or other reports, we deliver analysis tailored to our clients’ business needs. These assessments provide insight to companies planning to invest or have ongoing business operations internationally.

”NRCI’s risk assessments on Iraq provided insightful, detailed and informative analysis.”

Swedbank E&P Team

Our Clients

We conduct geopolitical analysis of regional, transnational, and wider geographical areas for corporate clients, investor groups, banks, financial firms, NGOs, foundations and government agencies.

Please contact us below to get more information on how our analysis services can assist your business.

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