Our Process

Work Methodology

We combine extensive on the ground experience around the world with a continuous search for insights from different perspectives. Observing conditions on the ground enable us to assess and gain a realistic understanding, explore business opportunities, geopolitical landscapes, infrastructure corridors, logistics clusters, border crossings, local communities, and ethnic and tribal dynamics. These experiences provide unique value to our insights enabling us to inform our clients in a thoughtful, balanced, and informed manner.

In work processes we examine various factors and sources from different angles, and we also observe from a holistic analytical perspective. We focus on listening, observing, and conducting thorough, inter-disciplinary and detailed assessments. We consider a variety of aspects that may drive, impact, and change risk trajectories impacting business opportunities. Increased risk awareness strengthens business determination. We employ a multitude of sources and we seek insights from people in different industries, professions and among our local contacts and partners on the ground.

Inclusive Work Culture

We nurture an inclusive and inter-disciplinary work environment with respect for each other. We listen to one another and share feedback and ideas in an open learning environment. Our different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives form a deeper contextual understanding in our work processes. We emphasise informative and thoughtful dialogue.

Respect for humanity is one of NRCI’s values, and this permeates our culture. We include perspectives from people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and diverse inter-disciplinary backgrounds. Our internship program enables students with innovative minds to participate and gain experience in our dynamic work environment. In addition, our global advisory board provides unique insights with senior members from diplomacy, academia, and international business around the world.

Client Partnerships

NRCI works with clients as partners. We listen carefully to understand their needs, concerns, and goals in the markets they operate, and when they plan international business expansion. In addition, we examine how our clients think and work, their organizational structure, and on the ground capacity to understand their situation. We then assess in close dialogue with our clients how we may best support them to meet their business goals in challenging environments around the world. Continuous, open, and confidential communication remains essential in our client partnerships.

Therefore, we coordinate closely in all phases of our client engagements. NRCI aims to build long-term client partnerships enabling us to support our clients in different geographic locations over time, and thus working with our clients as they grow their international business.

NRCI’s long-term client partnerships align with our purpose – to support robust investments in a range of sectors, which drives long-term economic development enabling jobs and educational opportunities on the ground in different regions. Consequently, this drives economic growth and improves living conditions.


We communicate and collaborate with a broad range of people from different countries, organizations, industries, and professions. Their contributions complement our understanding of a variety of global issues. We build and foster personal dialogue in long-term relationships. Therefore, NRCI enjoys collaboration with actors around the world.

The broad variation in our collaborative processes stimulates our thinking and provides new ideas, inspiration, and innovation. We look for people and partners who are humble and able to listen, because listening and reflective conversations enable deep thinking, which stimulates advanced and unique reflections and ideas. To deepen and broaden our understanding we communicate with industrial groups, logistics professionals, financial analysts, architects, urban planners, artists, scholars, religious leaders, and people from other professions. We constantly seek new ideas to challenge our own thinking, which also adds new perspectives into our client partnerships. We welcome new collaborative partnerships, which may foster new pathways towards our purpose.

Transformative Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is an integral part of our work to think long term and envision future scenarios, monitor and forecast emerging risk trends, and examine future economic growth areas. In this process we envision future trajectories of countries and regions. In our transformative strategic thinking process we map, design, and imagine how territories currently hampered by extreme poverty and conflicts may transform into economic corridors and growth regions. Developing infrastructure corridors, logistics clusters, special economic zones, and new cities where local communities thrive, and jobs and educational opportunities enable young people to immerse into societal growth.

This transformative strategic thinking in which we imagine new possibilities and rethink future realities open a world of new opportunities. Part of this process involves stimulating transformative conversations, which challenge business communities, public entities, and other stakeholders to rethink and reimagine current and future realities. Our on the ground experience across vast geographic areas combined with our broad international networks on all levels, provide unique value in this transformative strategic thinking process.

Our process merges into our purpose as we engage with our inter-disciplinary collaborative network and client partnerships to explore in a strategic manner how we may build a better future in challenging environments worldwide. This is NRCI’s process. We dedicate ourselves to this process with all our energy, human resources, and intellectual capacity. NRCI supports robust investments in a range of sectors, which drives long-term economic development enabling jobs and educational opportunities.  Consequently, this improves living conditions on the ground.

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