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NRCI’s founder and CEO, Arne Elias Corneliussen, provides highly insightful, inspiring, and captivating keynote addresses, presentations, workshops, retreats, and advisory sessions.

In addition, he provides panelist and panel debate moderation, conference hosting at conferences and corporate events.


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Speaking Engagements

NRCI’s founder and CEO, Arne Elias Corneliussen, provides extraordinary and captivating keynote addresses and speaking engagements in virtual and in-person events.

He conducted a wide range of unique overland geopolitical fact-finding expeditions alone by bus, train, and car across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. These fact-finding expeditions gave him extraordinary geopolitical, strategic, and business insights. He visited more than 125 countries.

Arne Elias Corneliussen conducted 10 fact-finding expeditions by public bus across 30 countries in western, southern, and eastern Africa. He traveled overland by bus, train, and car from Shanghai to Istanbul – across China, Central Asia, and the Caucasus – and examined infrastructure developments, logistics clusters and geopolitical dynamics along the New Silk Road, which China develops. In August 2022, he traveled on a 2,5-month fact-finding expedition by bus and train across 19 countries in eastern, southern, and western Europe. He examined geopolitical and strategic dynamics, and the future of Europe. In November 2023, he travels on a 3,5-month fact-finding expedition in Africa.

He covers a range of speaking topics including geopolitics, AI, global economy, global affairs, business strategy, risk management, and leadership. In addition, he is an exceptional moderator and conference host energizing audiences at conferences and events. His impressive global field knowledge unlocks the full potential of conferences and corporate events. His global understanding drives his exceptional ability to lead conferences, and moderate panel discussions and fireside chats where he asks fascinating questions and connects geopolitical and strategic dynamics worldwide.

He creates a unique energy leaving audiences energized and fascinated with a whole new understanding for geopolitics, and how to apply business strategy to solve global challenges and understand future trends.


Master of Ceremonies

Keynote Addresses



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We tailor keynote speeches and presentations to your preferred topic. Please submit your speaking enquiry with your preferred topic and we will respond shortly to establish a dialogue with you regarding your speaking topic and event.

The New Global Geopolitical Landscape

The Future of Europe

Infrastructure Dynamics and New Economic Corridors in Asia – Implications for Geopolitics and the Global Economy

Rising Africa – Understanding A Growth Continent

Artificial Intelligence and Geopolitics


Economic and Strategic Forecast

Global Economy and Trade

Global Geopolitics

Global Affairs and Current Events

Risk Management


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