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Speakers & Panelists

Rune Andersen

Commercial Counselor, Royal Norwegian Consulate
Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway, Rio de Janeiro

Rune Andersen has a MSc in international business from the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. He is now a business advisor at Innovation Norway’s offices in Rio de Janeiro. Andersen started in Innovation Norway in 2000 as Marketing Manager for the foreign offices and his work have included information, consulting, financing, development and projecting of enterprises, or groups of enterprises, to be introduced to the international markets. He has worked widely internationally and has increasingly worked with Brazil since the beginning of 2000.

From earlier days, Andersen has a diverse background from private businesses in corporate, sales and marketing management. Workspaces have been the sale of capital goods and consumer goods, branding, specialist trade, industry, and international business development with residency in Norway and abroad.

Stig Bjørkedal

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Stig Bjørkedal joined STX OSV in 2006 as head of the business development and strategy department. Prior to that, he was the vice president of deck machinery at Rolls Marine AS in Brattvaag, Norway, from 2001 to 2006. Stig has extensive project management experience, having served in this position in various shipping companies from 1993 to 2000, including STX OSV Piping, Skipsteknisk AS and Ulstein Brattvaag AS.

Stig holds a Bachelor’s degree in Naval Architecture from the University of Møre og Romsdal in Ålesund, Norway, and a Master of Management degree from BI Executive School in Oslo, Norway.

Ilse Castellanos

Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Development and Production International
Statoil ASA

Ilse Castellanos is presently Head of Social Responsibility in Statoil’s Development and Production International Division. She is responsible for coordinating the CSR work with the country offices in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe and Asia.

Prior to this she has was Corporate Affairs Manager in Venezuela with responsibility for Governmental Relations, Corporate Communications, Procurement and CSR.

Before joining Statoil in 2001 she held various roles associated with international oil company participation in Venezuela’s oil industry.

She holds a Law degree from Venezuela, as well as an Advanced Diploma on Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge Program for the Industry. She is also a member of the Prince of Wales Sustainability network and the Future Leaders Forum. Team member of the 2008 Future Leaders Group led by the World Business Council on Sustainable Development

She is married and have a 3-year old daughter

Arne Elias Corneliussen

Founder & CEO

Arne Elias Corneliussen is the Founder & CEO of Norwegian Risk Consulting International (NRCI), a political risk consulting company based in Oslo. NRCI provides daily, monthly reports and tailor-made analysis and consulting services to Norwegian companies expanding into Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. NRCI also hosts the annual international conference – Norwegian Risk Forum – which examines challenges and opportunities for Norwegian businesses expanding into emerging markets. NRCI helps its clients to better comprehend, identify and analyze threats and challenges in risk areas worldwide.

Corneliussen received his bachelor of arts in political science at Wittenberg University in Ohio in 1998. He conducted research on Islamic terrorism at The Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C. He has lived in Santiago, Chile where he conducted research on South America´s democratization and economic integration, and US foreign policy towards Colombia. In addition, Corneliussen has studied at the American University in Cairo (AUC) in Egypt. He later continued and completed a master of arts in international relations and a master of public administration (MPA) at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in New York in 2000.

He worked as a political analyst for the Norwegian Armed Forces in Kosovo from 2001 until 2002. Since 2002 he worked in the corporate sector in Norway with sales, sales management, international business development and headhunting.

Erik Jølberg

Founder & CEO
Tess AS

Jølberg conducted studies in procurement and marketing and has also completed studies in the United States. Jølberg started TESS along with Olav Nygaard in 1968. He was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004. TESS has 800 employees, 100 branches in Norway and four overseas. (Esbjerg, Aberdeen, Houston and Macae, Brazil. More in Brazil and the U.S. are under consideration.)

Jølberg was part of the oil age from the very beginning and was awarded with the 2010 ONS Honorary Award. He got the Logistics Award as early as 1996 for bringing the concept of I / F (Supply solutions) to Norway. He was one of the initiators and founders of Subsea Valley within two years has received more than 100 member companies with a total turnover of more than 82 billion and 26 145 jobs.

Adam Kurdahl

Space Group Architects

Adam Kurdahl, born in Copenhagen, is a partner in Space Group Architects. Space Group is an international architectural practice with offices in Oslo and Sao Paulo. Adam Kurdahl studied Architecture and Urbanism at Delft University, the Netherlands and at Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark from where he received his degree. In 2000 Adam Kurdahl won the first prize in the “ArchiPrix International” for his thesis project for the master plan for Rotterdam Central Station.

With Space Group he has won several prizes and awards. In 2008 the first monograph on Space Group was published by Damdi “DD- Untitled 2000-08” and in 2011 the office published the book “As Built – V-House”. Prior to the establishment of Space Group, Kurdahl worked with OMA on several urban and large scale projects. Adam Kurdahl has wide experience in works of all scales from private residences, infrastructure hubs to large scale urban planning.

Kurdahl has taught at The Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen, Politecnico di Milano and Oslo School of Architecture.

Torkjell Leira

Writer & Consultant

Torkjell Leira has followed Brazil closely since 1990. He studied and worked there for four years, speaks Portuguese fluently and has a deep knowledge of Brazilian culture and environmental issues.

Holding a Master-degree in Human Geography from the University of Oslo, his professional experience is mainly from the NGO sector. Leira worked in Rainforest Foundation Norway from 2005-2011, travelling extensively in the Amazon. He is currently writing a book about the modern Brazil.

Leira lectures frequently about Brazil and the Amazon at Norwegian universities and is the creator of Norway´s reference blog about Brazil:

Erik Lundeby

Team Leader for Social Responsibilty
Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Oslo

As NHO`s CSR expert he has been playing an important role in developing the CSR agenda in Norway since he was the secretary of the task force in the government CSR multi stakeholder forum Compact in 2000, leading to the report “Socially responsible business”. He has been the NHO representative in the Regional Network of World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Lundeby has been engaged in the adaption of the CSR agenda to small and medium sized enterprises, and has represented Norway in EU expert committees on CSR and SME, as well as heading a Compact task force that made recommendations on that issue. He has been a core participant in the work on anti-corruption in NHO, and was responsible for developing NHOs integrity training tool “Crossing the line”. He was seconded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for one year during the drafting and implementation of the Government White Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility (2009). Lundeby has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Oslo.

Are-Jostein Norheim

Director, Corporate Social Responsibility
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo

Are-Jostein Norheim joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway in 1981. Since September 2008 he has served as CSR Ambassador in the Section of Economic and Commercial Affairs. Prior to that he was Consul General in San Francisco from 2003. He has served as Deputy Director General in the European Department. His foreign postings include the UN Mission in New York and the Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Norheim was the coordinator of the Norwegian National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises 2008-2011 and chaired the 2009 Annual Meeting of the National Contact Points at OECD in Paris.

Antonio Jorge Ramalho

Professor of International Relations
Universidade de Brasilia

Antonio Jorge Ramalho da Rocha is full professor of International Relations at the University of Brasília since 1996. He coordinated both the Graduate and the Undergraduate Programs and chaired the Department for two terms. He received a PhD at the University of Sao Paulo, an MA in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University in New York and an MA in Political Science from University Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IUPERJ). His research concentrates on International Security and National Defense.

He now works as Chief of Staff of the National Fund for the Development of Education and maintains his academic activities. He worked for 2 1/2 years as Senior Civil Assistant for Defense Affairs to the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs of the Brazilian Presidency of the Republic. His previous main professional activities include directing the Brazilian Studies Center in Port-au-Prince, where he also worked as Cultural Attaché, and the Department of Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense. He worked as visiting professor at many universities and as consultant for public institutions and private firms.

Terje Staalstrøm

Brazilian – Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Oslo

Terje Staalstrøm, President of Brazilian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and retired Sr. Vice President of Det Norske Veritas (DNV), has over 35 years of experience in the field of maritime safety. He holds a M.Sc. in Naval Architecture, a degree in Business Administration and post-graduate studies in International Management at IMD in Switzerland.

Staalstrøm started his career with DNV as a ship and offshore surveyor, gradually moving up through the organisation assuming management positions in the Americas, Europe and Norway. He has spent more than 20 years working outside Norway, a.o. as responsible for setting up DNV’s operations in Brazil, where he lived 5 years, later Mexico and other countries in Latin-America, with a total of 10 years living in the region. Moving to New York, Staalstrøm was for 5 years responsible for all DNV’s maritime activities in North- and South America. Following 5 years as responsible for DNV in Europe and Africa, he returned to Norway and was a.o. responsible for maritime policy and quality before retiring in 2007. Staalstrøm was for 10 years members of DNV Executive Board.

As the Chairman of the Board and President of the Brazilian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce since its founding in 2002, Staalstrøm is actively engaged in strengthening the commercial relations between Brazil and Norway. Staalstrøm was in 2008 awarded the Orden de Rio Branco for his contribution to the successful growth of relations between the two countries.

Oliver Taylor

Project Manager

Oliver Taylor is a student currently in his third year at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. With a mixed Norwegian/English background he has a broad international profile and is deeply interested in international affairs. He has worked on a school project in India and lived in Zimbabwe.

In April Taylor was elected the leader of the studentproject International Business(IB). This is a project with participants from the three Norwegian universities: Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen, Norwegian Business School (BI) in Oslo and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, in cooperation with NRCI and Innovation Norway. The project-group will travel to Rio de Janeiro in january 2013, where they will conduct research and write a report on possibilities for market entry for Norwegian companies in Brazil. The IB-project is a non-profit project fully financed through sponsorships. More information about the project can be found at

Anders Tønsberg


Anders Tønsberg is an analyst at Norwegian Risk Consulting International (NRCI). He holds an MA in International Political Economy from the University of Warwick and a Bachelor of Science in economics and business administration from Copenhagen Business School. He has additional educational experience from Argentina, Canada and Norway. In addition to possessing an understanding for political analysis, Mr. Tønsberg also provides macro-economic and financial knowledge to NRCIs team-work.

Tønsberg has worked as an analyst at NRCI since 2011, with particular focus on the petroleum sector and political risk in Brazil. In addition to focusing on Brazil, Mr. Tønsberg also conducts analysis and research on a range of other countries.

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