NRF 2022

Norwegian Risk Forum 2022

October 22, Oslo

Norwegian Risk Forum 2022 was NRCI’s 13th annual geopolitical conference where we welcomed business leaders, investors and leading analysts from around the world. We experienced insightful and high-quality presentations and engaging panel debates.

Norwegian Risk Forum 2022 examined the theme – “Leading Global Business Through Geopolitical, Strategic and Economic Transformations.” We assessed recent political, strategic and industrial developments in China. We also covered geopolitical and strategic developments in South Asia including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. We also examined geopolitical and economic developments in the Gulf Region with a focus on Bahrain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. In addition, we analyzed the collapse of relations between Russia and the West, the future of Europe, and geopolitical developments in North Africa.

During Norwegian Risk Forum 2022 we welcomed speakers from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. We examined geopolitical and security risks, and business opportunities, industrial strategies, infrastructure developments and supply chains in Asia, Europa, the Middle East and Africa.

Norwegian Risk Forum is always held under the Chatham House Rule, which states that participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed. Participants shared reflections, gathered insights and obtained analysis useful to develop existing and new business strategies. We do not reveal information from Norwegian Risk Forum 2022 after the conference. This is an exclusive annual geopolitical conference only for registered and confirmed participants. We hosted Norwegian Risk Forum 2022 in a Webex video-conference.

NRCI forms the annual Norwegian Risk Forum themes and programs through a careful examination of global geopolitical dynamics, business and infrastructure trends driving economic growth, new industry and business sector reforms enabling international investments and business operations in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. NRCI monitors international economic drivers and trends, and geopolitical dynamics impacting and changing risk equations in countries, regions and globally. These observations form how we define and form Norwegian Risk Forum themes and programs every year. NRCI is experienced in managing events and this is the 13th annual Norwegian Risk Forum we host this year. During Norwegian Risk Forum you experience an international geopolitical and strategic event with high-quality speakers with presentations and panel-debates that are highly useful, interesting and relevant for international investments, business operations, NGO operations and for financial firms operating or managing investments internationally.

Norwegian Risk Forum is a highly useful, informative and insightful geopolitical conference for business leaders, leaders of organizations or risk departments, financial firms and international banks, and other global organizations planning international expansion or who need to monitor global geopolitical and strategic developments. Norwegian Risk Forum is now a world-leading annual geopolitical event and became a tradition for those who annually. Participants return year after year, and we value service very highly and follow up all participants and speakers closely.

”Norwegian Risk Forum was magisterial. Excellent speakers. I was impressed.”
Alexander Hoare
Partner & Director C. Hoare and Co.
”Norwegian Risk Forum is a meticulously curated annual geopolitical event that features world-leading experts sharing cutting-edge knowledge of critical geopolitical events. NRF is highly dense and high quality information is shared continuously. I strongly recommend attending as you will gain unique insights and perspectives from on the ground.”

Omar Al-Ubaydli Director of Research Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies, Manama
”Taking part in Norwegian Risk Forum was a very rewarding experience. I was impressed by the diversity of regions covered, the topicality of the issues discussed, and the quality of the presentations. I also really appreciated working with NRF program chair and moderator Arne Elias Corneliussen ahead of and during the event, and exchanging views with someone so knowledgeable about current geopolitical dynamics.”

Nedra Cherif
North Africa Analyst
”This is my second participation as a speaker in the Norwegian Risk Forum. I am always impressed by the high level of organization, speakers and topics covered. Every speaker is hand picked by Arne Elias Corneliussen, who is the program chair, based on their expertise and immersion in the subject, which makes the forum a success. Arne´s impressive global field knowledge is key to unlocking the full potential of the panel discussions. His moderator role brings into light the major challenges and risk outlook. We all learn from this unique forum.”

Hicham Belmachi
Chief Operating Officer
SEZ Khorgos East Gate and Rail
Terminal, Kazakhstan

”NRCI´s annual geopolitical Norwegian Risk Forum brings together analyses of the highest quality focusing on the political, economic and social prospects of regions around the world. It is unique in representing a remarkable mix of expertise, from the worlds of business, policy, and academia, to produce the kind of knowledge required by investors as well as politicians.”

Faisal Devji
Prof. of Indian History & Dir. of the Asia Studies Center, St. Antony´s College
University of Oxford
NRF 2020 Speaker and Panelist

”I greatly enjoyed participating in NRCI’s Norwegian Risk Forum 2020. The opportunity to hear expert views from the perspectives of Europe, Central Asia, India and Australia was unusual, enlightening and very helpful for my own research.”

Scott Foster
Senior Financial Analyst
LightStream Research, Tokyo
NRF 2020 Speaker and Panelist

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