NRF 2022

Norwegian Risk Forum 2022

October, Oslo

Live Global Video Conference

Information about Norwegian Risk Forum 2022 will be released soon

”NRCI´s annual geopolitical Norwegian Risk Forum brings together analyses of the highest quality focusing on the political, economic and social prospects of regions around the world. It is unique in representing a remarkable mix of expertise, from the worlds of business, policy, and academia, to produce the kind of knowledge required by investors as well as politicians.”

Faisal Devji
Prof. of Indian History & Dir. of the Asia Studies Center, St. Antony´s College
University of Oxford
NRF 2020 Speaker and Panelist

”I greatly enjoyed participating in NRCI’s Norwegian Risk Forum 2020. The opportunity to hear expert views from the perspectives of Europe, Central Asia, India and Australia was unusual, enlightening and very helpful for my own research.”

Scott Foster
Senior Financial Analyst
LightStream Research, Tokyo
NRF 2020 Speaker and Panelist

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