NRF 2015

Norwegian Risk Forum 2015

October 22, Grand Hotel, Oslo

Risks and Rewards for Foreign Investors in Mexico


Norwegian Risk Forum 2015 examined business opportunities and political and security risks in Mexico. With a population of 125 million people Mexico provides an important bridge between North and South America. With President Nieto’s new oil reform in Mexico we expect an increased presence of international oil companies and offshore entities transforming and opening up the oil industry. Simultaneously, Mexico continues its internal struggle with organized crime and mafia gangs exposing security risks on several levels.

Central America stands at the doorstep of a new era with a new Transoceanic Atlantic-Pacific canal planned through Nicaragua and the upgrade of the Panama Canal enabling larger ships. Central America strengthens its regional role as a trans-shipment supply epicenter. However with these mega-infrastructure channels we expect a range of risks and business opportunities to follow suit and Central America’s challenges with mafia and drug cartels and narcotics traffics continue to impact Mexico.

NRF 2015 gathered experts and business leaders who examine business opportunities and how security and political risks may impact business operations and investments. With a combination of presentations, panel debates, a group session and intimate and extended networking sessions you gain relevant and hands-on insights to fine-tune your business plans.

The Norwegian Risk Forum Dinner at Palmen Restaurant enabled longer conversations and a social gathering in an intimate and exclusive atmosphere. This provided an excellent opportunity for participants to get to know each other better and build valuable relationships for future endeavors.

NRF 2015 was the 6th annual Norwegian Risk Forum.

”Norwegian Risk Forum was excellent.”

Jarle Andersen
Jarander Holding, Oslo
”I highly recommend Norwegian Risk Forum as a space to learn and share”

Ilse Castellanos
Sustainability Manager, Development and Production International Equinor
”Expert knowledge plus vibrant discussions – that’s what the Norwegian Risk Forum provided. I’ve spent my professional life focused on Southeast Asia, but the multiplicity of analytical and pragmatic business perspectives gave me added insight. Truly worth the time!”

Maria Ressa
Executive Editor & CEO Rappler, Philippines NRF 2014 Speaker & Panelist
”Provide an excellent overview of the risk landscape in emerging markets in Africa”

Dr. Derica Lambrechts Political Risk Lecturer Stellenbosch University,
South Africa
NRF 2013 Speaker and Panelist

Jarle Andersen
Jarander Holding, Oslo
NRF 2015 Delegate

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2015 was excellent.”

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