Dr. Antonio Jorge Ramalho

Dr. Antonio Jorge Ramalho

Director, The Pandiá Calógeras Institute of the Ministry of Defense, Brazil

Antonio Jorge Ramalho da Rocha is Professor of International Relations at the University of Brasília and Special Advisor to the Brazilian Defense Minister as Director of the Pandiá Calógeras Institute.

Ramalho coordinated previously both the Graduate and the Undergraduate Programs and chaired the Department of International Relations for two terms. He received a PhD at the University of São Paulo, an MA in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University in New York and an MA in Political Science from University Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro (IUPERJ). His research concentrates on International Security and National Defense.

Antonio Jorge Ramalho worked as Chief of Staff of the National Fund for the Development of Education. He also worked for 2 1/2 years as Senior Civil Assistant for Defense Affairs to the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs of the Brazilian Presidency of the Republic. His previous main professional activities include directing the Brazilian Studies Center in Port-au-Prince in Haiti, where he also worked as Cultural Attaché, and the Department of Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense. He worked as visiting professor at several universities and as a consultant for public institutions and private firms.

Mr. Ramalho was a speaker and panelist during Norwegian Risk Forum 2012 hosted in Oslo, which examined Risks and Rewards for Foreign Investors in Brazil.

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