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Norwegian Risk Forum 2022
October 20, Oslo

Managing Business Through Geopolitical Risks, Business Fluctuations & Energy Transition

Information about Norwegian Risk Forum 2022 will come soon

''Africa offers many opportunities for the private sector to invest. Norwegian Risk Forum was an excellently curated program for investors to understand the landscape, risks and opportunities from many perspectives and a wide variety of subject matter experts.''

Marnus Kotze
Head of Logistics and Services in Africa
AP Moeller - Maersk
NRF 2021 Speaker and Panelist

''Norwegian Risk Forum features a remarkable constellation of speakers with diverse professional backgrounds, offering a substantial and candid discussion of the most important global security matters.''

Andrey Kortunov
Director General
Russian International Affairs Council
NRF 2021 Speaker & Panelist

''In the current geopolitical climate, driven by increased political and security risks, Norwegian Risk Forum 2021 provided an excellent opportunity to expose both redflags and opportunities for a wide variety of actors. NRCI included a diverse group of participants for an event that continued over 11 hours. Not only was it a great logistical success, it also encompassed all the steps for successful geopolitical, political and security forecasting: risk identification, analysis and mitigation.''

Derica Lambrechts
Senior Lecturer in Political Science
Stellenbosch University
NRF 2021 Speaker and Panelist

''The program was very well created and the quality of speakers was outstanding. The event covers diverse topics related to global geopolitics, trade, economics, and business risk. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the event.''

Ravi Kant
Senior Columnist
Asia Times, New Delhi
NRF 2021 Speaker and Panelist