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Norwegian Risk Forum 2018
October 18
Grand Hotel, Oslo

The New Silk Road: Geopolitical Dynamics, Infrastructure Developments and Logistics Clusters

China’s One Belt One Road also known as the new Silk Road constitutes the largest infrastructure strategy in history. With a range of infrastructure projects both on land from western China across Central Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Europe and along the sea route from China through Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Persian Gulf, African coastline to Europe – the new land-based and maritime Silk Road transform the infrastructure and economic landscape across Eurasia. Currently more than 80 countries engage and estimates indicate that China plans to invest more than USD 900 billion.

The 9th annual international Norwegian Risk Forum takes place on October 18 at the Grand Hotel in Oslo. We welcome leading experts on geopolitical dynamics, infrastructure developments and logistics clusters and decision-makers form leading companies, ministries, think tanks and organizations. Through a range of informative and insightful presentations, interactive panel discussions and intimate networking sessions we aim to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities that emerge along the New Silk Road.

Norwegian Risk Forum 2018 examines the New Silk Road strategy and you learn about geopolitical dynamics in China, Central Asia, Russia and the Middle East. In addition we examine how infrastructure developments and logistics clusters transform supply chains, transportation networks and trade corridors across Asia.

We look forward to welcome you to the 9th annual international Norwegian Risk Forum at the Grand Hotel in Oslo.

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2017 was excellent”

Evgeny Kulikov
Principal Business Development
NRF 2017 Participant

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2017 was an excellent conference with high-quality presentations, intriguing panel-debates and engaging conversations during networking breaks”

Teodor Sveen-Nilsen
Equity Analyst
Sparebank1 Markets
NRF 2017 Speaker and Panelist

”Educational and helpful in planning the future for my business”

Nikolai Norman
Business Development Manager
Kanoo Shipping
NRF 2017 Speaker and Panelist

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2017 was very good with high-level speakers”

Rolf Willy Hansen
Fmr. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

NRF 2017 Speaker and Panelist