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Norwegian Risk Forum 2013
October 24 - 25
Grand Hotel, Oslo

Risks & Rewards for Foreign Investors in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa

Norwegian Risk Forum 2013 examined challenges and opportunities for foreign investors in Eastern, Southern and Western Africa. NRF 2013 gathered business leaders from a range of sectors ranging from oil & gas, maritime, shipping, industry and finance, in addition to leading experts from Norway and Arica as well as representatives from NGOs. With compelling presentations and intriguing panel-debates, participants engaged in inter-active panel discussions examining a range of issues including business development, political risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies.

Eastern, Southern and Western Africa provides some of the most important growth markets for foreign investors worldwide with great opportunities in a range of sectors such as oil & gas, maritime, industry, renewable energy, infrastructure development, ICT and consumer products. NRF 2013 welcomed the business community, diplomats, organizational actors and political experts from Norway and several African countries.

NRF 2013 addressed a number of relevant topics, which companies and investors considering the African coastal beltway need to examine. With vast oil and gas resources, great diversity and booming consumer markets, these regions in Africa emerge as highly interesting and relevant.

NRF 2013 provided a crucial meeting venue for those who seek to connect with relevant contacts and prepare their entry into the eastern, southern and western regions of Africa. Those who already have a presence, gain highly relevant updates on pressing issues and may further develop their network with relevant business contacts, diplomats and political analysts.

The Norwegian Risk Forum Dinner at Grand Café, which is now already a tradition at the annual international NRF conferences allowed for longer conversations and a social gathering with a very good atmosphere, which provided an excellent opportunity for all the participants to join in an exclusive and intimate setting.

Indeed, Norwegian Risk Forum is now established as the leading international conference in Norway focusing on political risks and business opportunities for companies and investors entering emerging markets worldwide.

”Provide an excellent overview of the risk landscape in emerging markets in Africa”

Dr. Derica Lambrechts
Political Risk Lecturer
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
NRF 2013 Speaker and Panelist

”In general very good”

Ole-Johan Sandvær
Regional Director of Africa, South and Southeast Asia and UAE
Innovation Norway
NRF 2013 Participant

”High value and quality”

Karsten Gjefle
Senior Advisor
The Royal Norwegian Society for Development
NRF 2013 Participant

”NRF 2013 was very good, to the point with relevant speakers who provided operational insight”

Martin Rødahl
QHSE Director
NRF 2013 Participant