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Norwegian Risk Forum

”Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies attended the NRF 2011 conference; "Risks & Rewards for Norwegian Businesses in India". Kongsberg Group operates throughout the world with approximately 80% of its business outside Norway. As such corporate values, governance, compliance and responsibility are areas of priority and constant emphasis. We find NRCI's conferences (and their selection of topics and speakers)to provide indispensable value and insights into these increasingly important topics.”

Terje Gunnerød
Senior Vice President
Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies

NRCI hosts the Norwegian Risk Forum (NRF), an annual international conference. NRF focuses on challenges and opportunities for Norwegian companies in international emerging markets. NRF 2010 focused on the Gulf region and Iraq, NRF 2011 directed the focus towards India and NRF 2012 examined challenges and opportunities Norwegian companies face in Brazil. During next year’s NRF we examine the African Coastal Beltway including the Western, Southern and Eastern regions.

During NRF you gain thorough understanding about the different risks your company may face in international markets. Whether it is political risk that affects your company's business development, changing legal or regulatory frameworks, security concerns or challenges related to CSR you gain increased competence for these pressing issues at the Norwegian Risk Forum. In addition, you acquire insight into companies' experiences when they present their case studies. NRF maintains a clear focus on high-quality learning and the opportunity to strengthen your network. NRCI’s analysts and other political experts from Norway and abroad present their updated and most recent analysis. In addition you meet diplomats, leading corporate officials, economists, NGO representatives and students from various Norwegian universities. Norwegian Risk Forum constitutes the leading conference in Norway focusing on political risk in emerging international markets.

At NRF you experience interesting presentations, engaging panel discussions and new rewarding contacts emerge in networking breaks. You meet participants from other industrial and business sectors than your own inviting new perspectives and thoughts from the larger business community. Norwegian Risk Forum Dinners provide social settings where you build networks with key individuals from various companies in a sociable setting.

Whether your company wants to invest in a new market or you already maintain ongoing operations, your attendance at the Norwegian Risk Forum provide you with business critical knowledge of the key issues affecting your long-term investments. Thus, you acquire the necessary knowledge about political risks and risk mitigation strategies enabling your company’s long-term potential to grow in international growth markets.