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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is the ability and willingness to take responsibility for internal and external corporate and community relations in the societies where you operate. By doing this through thorough feasibility studies prior to establishing business, companies show responsibility towards the countries they get involved in. Careful preparation ensures more stable, sustainable and long-term business operations. Thus, companies also contribute to a more predictable presence in the countries they emerge in.

International business in developing countries, raise issues that require particular CSR attention. Companies in these societies often encounter local populations that are very vulnerable due to poverty and food shortages, precarious environment and different types of social structures in which corruption is often very common. It is incumbent, therefore upon Norwegian businesses to show a special focus on corporate social responsibility when operating in developing countries.

NRCI contributes through different types of analysis, feasibility studies and assessments thereby strengthening the customer´s basis for assessing where to set up business, before they decide where, when and whether to establish themselves in a particular area. Through regular reviews NRCI contributes to strengthen customer´s understanding of the ongoing challenges and opportunities in their areas of operation. Norwegian Risk Forum - NRCIs Annual Meeting in Oslo - focuses on different regions and topics every year and thus contributes to increase understanding of challenges and opportunities that Norwegian players can meet abroad.