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NRCI's Vision, Mission & Values


NRCI shall be the leading geopolitical consulting company in Europe.


Our mission is to be the leading geopolitical consulting company in Europe and with the insight of our analysts provide a solid foundation from which our customers can base their final decisions on where to invest internationally.


People are the most important resource for NRCI – our employees, clients and partners. Continuously we strive to communicate effectively and listen attentively to the people who work for us and those we meet externally.

NRCI operates within a challenging environment. We shall challenge our analysts internally to provide the best analysis, our customers to obtain win-win contracts and our partners to present a long term view to the market.

Out of the box
NRCI sets the standard for a new business in Norway – the geopolitical risk business. NRCIs´ analysts are allowed to grow in an environment where they can think and write freely and differently, thus stimulating the growth of an environment where analysis and assessments break with traditional thought. The NRCI way is the out of the box way.

NRCI shall maintain professionalism in all aspects: Internally, among leadership and employees. Externally, in our communication, interaction and reporting with customers and partners.