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Client Testimonials

Testimonial | Speaking Engagement

”NRCI's CEO Arne Elias Corneliussen gave an excellent virtual presentation to AIG, providing a compelling and insightful analysis of the challenging geopolitical environment for business. In 45 minutes he expertly covered an impressively wide range of global topics. Arne has broad and deep expertise, and the ability to combine detailed regional knowledge with a genuinely global and ‘big-picture’ perspective.”

Rhodri Williams
Head of International Public Policy
American International Group, Inc. | AIG

Testimonial | Speaking Engagement

”NRCI's CEO Arne Elias Corneliussen delivered an outstanding presentation for a full house at Bogstad Manor in Oslo and it became a remarkable experience. He is extremely knowledgeable, reflective and insightful. He communicates in a structured, clear and entertaining manner. This became one of our most successful evenings ever.”

Morten Ole Mørch
Friends Association of Bogstad Manor
Bogstad Manor is one of the most prominent country estates in Norway

Testimonial | NRCI Global Risk Database

”NRCI’s Global Risk Database provided me with a comprehensive overview of Kenya’s security situation when I was there for research. The information proved very useful as I was travelling in more than one area considered to be particularly high risk during Kenya’s hotly contested elections. I would be happy to recommend NRCI’s Global Risk Database to others wishing to travel in high-risk destinations. ”

East Africa Team
Lonely Planet

Testimonial | Norwegian Risk Forum 2018

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2018 was excellent and eye-opening”

Gess Wong
Manager – Operation Management and Information Management
COSCO Shipping Ports, Hong Kong

Testimonial | Speaking Engagement

”NRCI’s CEO Arne Elias Corneliussen delivered a most interesting, high-quality and insightful presentation and a Q & A session to The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts. He is a very knowledgeable, well-informed, committed and accomplished speaker with first-hand experience on the ground.”

Guri Angell-Hansen
Managing Director
The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts

Testimonial | Norwegian Risk Forum 2020

”NRCI´s annual geopolitical Norwegian Risk Forum brings together analyses of the highest quality focusing on the political, economic and social prospects of regions around the world. It is unique in representing a remarkable mix of expertise, from the worlds of business, policy, and academia, to produce the kind of knowledge required by investors as well as politicians.”

Faisal Devji
Prof. of Indian History & Dir. of the Asia Studies Center, St. Antony´s College
University of Oxford

Testimonial | Norwegian Risk Forum 2018

”I very much enjoyed being part of NRF 2018. The diversity and quality of the audience and speakers were outstanding, which made the sessions very informative and constructive. The subjects dealt with cover concrete cases which provide great value to the participants.”

Hicham Belmaachi
Chief Operating Officer
SEZ Khorgos Eastern Gate, Kazakhstan

Testimonial | Norwegian Risk Forum 2017

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2017 was excellent”

Evgeny Kulikov
Principal Business Development