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Client Testimonials

Testimonial on NRCI's Global Risk Database

”NRCI’s Global Risk Database provided me with a comprehensive overview of Kenya’s security situation when I was there for research. The information proved very useful as I was travelling in more than one area considered to be particularly high risk during Kenya’s hotly contested elections. I would be happy to recommend NRCI’s Global Risk Database to others wishing to travel in high-risk destinations. ”

East Africa Team
Lonely Planet

Testimonial on NRCI Risk Analysis

”NRCI’s risk assessments on Iraq provided insightful, detailed and informative analysis.”

Swedbank E&P Team

Testimonial on Norwegian Risk Forum 2010

”This conference was very worthwhile attending, and the quality of the presentations and discussions were excellent”

Jon Daniel Nesje
AAK Group

Testimonial on Norwegian Risk Forum 2016

”Well organised and high level speakers”

Jørn Mastervik
Vice President Global Operation
Kongsberg Maritime

Testimonial on NRCI Presentation

”NRCI’s CEO Arne Elias Corneliussen delivered a most interesting, high-quality and insightful presentation and a Q & A session to The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts. He is a very knowledgeable, well-informed, committed and accomplished speaker with first-hand experience on the ground.”

Guri Angell-Hansen
Managing Director
The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts

Testimonial on Norwegian Risk Forum 2017

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2017 was excellent”

Evgeny Kulikov
Principal Business Development

Testimonial on Norwegian Risk Forum 2016

”Norwegian Risk Forum 2016 was very good”

Torodd Eeg-Olsen
Head of Risk Management

Testimonial on Norwegian Risk Forum 2014

”Very good and relevant speakers.”

Inga-Lise Moldestad
Vice Managing Director & Partner
Holdberg Funds