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Global Internship Program

NRCI’s Global Internship Program welcomes applications from highly qualified and motivated Master degree students worldwide. NRCI is a risk consulting company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway supporting corporations, governments and investors seeking to establish operations or invest in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

NRCI’s Global Internship Program lasts 1 full year and involves unpaid work equivalent to 16 hours per week. Weekly communication via Skype and e-mail between our global interns and NRCI in Oslo ensure that you as a global intern receive relevant feedback to constantly improve your work and skills.

We invite applications from Master degree students in international relations, political science, history, sociology, business administration, international business, finance, informatics, web development, computer science, macroeconomics, mathematics, geomatics and medicine.

As a Global Intern in NRCI you will be challenged to develop your skills in a range of fields and areas through research and analysis on a range of topics and encouraged to contribute to the growth and development of our company. You join a dynamic global work environment and become an important resource for our analyst team and the leadership group.

The recruitment process includes 3 Skype interviews where your qualifications, personality, motivation and dedication will be carefully evaluated.

In order to be considered you have to submit the following application package:

  • - Application – Max 1 page where you explain your qualifications, motivation and reason for applying
  • - CV / Resume – Max 1 page
  • - 3 letters of recommendation from professors or previous employers
  • - University transcripts – Submit the transcripts you received during your university education
  • - 2 written analysis in English – topics related to your subject field
  • - Applications will not be reviewed if they do not include all relevant documents. NRCI receives a substantial number of applications from all around the world.

NRCI welcomes applications to the global internship program during the whole year.

Submit your full application package to internship@nrci.no.

”After completing a one-year internship program at NRCI, I am left with valuable experience and knowledge. As an intern at NRCI, I was continuously challenged. The internship program enabled me to learn how to work in an international environment where dynamics can change daily. An internship with NRCI is demanding and therefore rewarding. As an intern, you are given responsibility, challenges and continuous feedback from day one. Throughout my time as an intern, I have therefore grown both personally and professionally. The internship provided me with the opportunity to develop work experience valuable for further career ambitions. Therefore, I strongly recommend NRCI's internship program for students with a great interest in geopolitical risk who seek to gain professional experience alongside their studies.”

Former Intern
Ms. Therese Lostad Skrefsrud
Completed 1-year internship for Master’s degree students

”My time as an NRCI intern was characterized by exciting and varied assignments that challenged my ability to think analytically and dynamically about complex processes. The delegation of responsibility contributes to an inclusive environment, and I felt like an appreciated member of NRCI’s staff. I will think back on my time with NRCI as highly educational and formative for my professional development.”

Former Intern
Mr. Christian Bekkelund
Completed 1-year internship for Master’s degree students

”NRCI´s Global Internship Program constitutes a unique opportunity to gain intriguing knowledge and valuable work experience. Personally, I found the work stimulating, motivating and highly relevant to my career aspirations. The internship challenged me to think creatively and developed my analytical and communication skills significantly. From day one, interns hold real responsibility and a valued position in the team. Interns become part of a dynamic global work environment in a dedicated and resourceful company. I will remember my time in NRCI as educational, engaging and inclusive.”

Former Intern
Ms. Kjersti Haugland Næs
Completed 1-year internship for Master’s degree students

”Working in an environment with young, ambitious and dedicated individuals challenged me to broaden my horizon to apprehend numerous assignments. The range of the topics we tackled together, credibly illustrate NRCI as a professional and dynamic company, which I am proud to have assisted. Interning at NRCI contributed significantly to my analytical and rhetorical skills. My expectations to NRCI transformed into realities forming my internship on a daily basis. I will remember and recommend NRCI in the future.”

Former Intern
Mr. Kristoffer Jahren
Completed 1-year internship for Master’s degree students

”NRCI's internship program offers a unique opportunity for dedicated students who pursue a career in international affairs and geopolitical risk analysis. My internship in NRCI provided daily exposure to international politics and security issues. When I studied in Oslo I worked as an intern at NRCI’s office and continued as a global intern through NRCI’s Global Internship Program when I studied abroad. My understanding of national, regional and global trends grew through my internship, which strengthened my research and analytical skills. I enjoyed demanding and stimulating tasks at NRCI. This internship opens new opportunities, both academically and professionally. I truly recommend NRCI’s internship program to ambitious students whether you study in Norway or internationally.”

Former Intern
Mr. Håkon Furulund
Completed 2-years internship for bachelor-degree students

”Participating as a research analyst in NRCI’s 2-years internship program for bachelor-degree students enabled me to develop professionally, academically and personally. NRCI’s dedicated leadership encouraged me to constantly challenge myself to handle new situations and tasks. I received a high level of personal guidance, follow-up, motivation and intriguing responsibilities. Working in a team of dedicated and curious analysts enhanced my understanding of political and security affairs in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin-America. Consequently, my analytical and writing skills improved substantially, which I may utilize when writing my Master’s thesis and later in my career. After this internship, I feel I may achieve any challenging task through precision, patience and professionalism. NRCI’s focus on team-work and human interaction combined with high-quality output generates a thriving learning environment, which makes NRCI a role model. I highly recommend NRCI’s internship program, especially if you like to challenge yourself and want to work with ambitious analysts.”

Former Intern
Mr. Simen Aamodt
Completed 2-years internship for bachelor-degree students

”NRCI constitutes a dynamic learning environment which builds upon professionalism, curiosity, and a constructive feedback culture. I improved my research, analytical, and communication skills substantially, contributing to my future career. As an analyst I encountered intriguing questions related to political and security risks in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. The internship program is a great way to deepen your insight into geopolitical dynamics, which shape societies at local, national, and regional levels. NRCI´s team is highly motivated with a strong set of values that creates an excellent learning environment. I strongly recommend NRCI’s Global Internship Program.”

Former Intern
Mr. Martin Ingebrigtsen
Completed 2-years internship for Master´s degree students